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Universities in Ukraine

List of all universities in Ukraine

Universities in Ukraine

State University of CommunicationKyiv
NationalTransport UniversityKyiv
Dragomanov National Pedagogical UniversityKyiv
National Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnical Institute"Kyiv
National University of Food TechnologiesKyiv
Kyiv National University of Trade and EconomicsKyiv
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla AcademyKyiv
State Academy Of Statistics, Accounting And Audit (Sasaa)Kyiv
Borys Grinchenko Kyiv UniversityKyiv
Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic UniversityKyiv
Kyiv National Linguistic UniversityKyiv
National University of ArtKyiv
National University of Physical Training and SportKyiv
Kyiv National Academy of Constructions and ArchitectureKyiv
National Aviation UniversityKyiv
National Taras Shevchenko University of KievKyiv
National Academy of Fine Arts and ArchitectureKyiv
National P.I.Tchaikovsky Musical AcademyKyiv
Kyiv State University of Technology and DesignKyiv
National O.O. Bohomolets Medical UniversityKyiv
National Agrarian UniversityKyiv
State Economic - technological Transport UniversityKyiv
Kyiv State Academy of sea and river transportKyiv
Kyiv State I.K.Karpenko-Kary Institute of Theatrical ArtKyiv
Kharkiv National Municipal Services AcademyKharkiv
Kharkiv State Medical UniversityKharkiv
Kharkiv State Technical University Of AgricultureKharkiv
Academy of Civil Defence of UkraineKharkiv
Kharkiv National Road-Transport UniversityKharkiv
Kharkiv National aerospace universityKharkiv
Kharkiv State Academy Of Railway TransportKharkiv
National University of PharmacyKharkiv
Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and TradeKharkiv
Kharkiv Karazin National UniversityKharkiv
National Technical University "Kharkiv polytechnical Institute"Kharkiv
Kharkiv State Institute Of Physical CultureKharkiv
Kharkiv I.P.Kotlyarevsky Institute Of ArtsKharkiv
The Kharkov State Academy of Design and ArtsKharkiv
Kharkiv State Zooveterinary AcademyKharkiv
Kharkiv National University of Radio ElectronicsKharkiv
Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and ArchitectureKharkiv
Ukrainian State University Of Chemical EngineeringDnipropetrovsk
Dnepropetrovsk State UniversityDnipropetrovsk
National mining universityDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk Conservatory named after M.GlinkaDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk State Financial AcademyDnipropetrovsk
State Academy Of Civil Engineering And ArchitectureDnipropetrovsk
Ukrainian Academy of CustomsDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk State Institute Of Physical Culture And SportsDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian UniversityDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk State Medical AcademyDnipropetrovsk
National Metallurgical Academy of UkraineDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk state technical university of railway transportDnipropetrovsk
Dnipropetrovsk technical universityDnipropetrovsk
Donetsk State Institute Of Physical Training And SportsDonetsk
Donetsk State Technical UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk State S.S.Prokofyev ConservatoryDonetsk
Priazov State Technical UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk Road-Transport InstituteDonetsk
Mariupol State Humanities UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade after M. Tugan-BaranovskyDonetsk
Tavria State Agrarian UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk National Technical University (Gorlivka)Donetsk
M.Gorky Donetsk State Medical UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk National UniversityDonetsk
Donetsk State University of Management (DonSUM)Donetsk
Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureDonetsk
Azov Regional Management Institute of Zaporizhya National Technical University (ARIU ZNTU)Donetsk
State University of Informatics and Artificial IntelligenceDonetsk
Donetsk State Mechanical Engineering AcademyDonetsk
South Ukrainian State Pedagogical UniversityOdesa
Odessa State Polytechnic UniversityOdesa
Odessa State Maritime UniversityOdesa
Odessa State Economics UniversityOdesa
Odesa State Institute Of Measurement TechnologyOdesa
Odessa State Medical UniversityOdesa
Odesa state academy of civil engineering and architectureOdesa
Odesa State I.I.Mechnikov UniversityOdesa
Odesa State Music Academy named after NezhdanovaOdesa
Odesa National Maritime AcademyOdesa
Odesa State Academy of Food TechnologiesOdesa
Odessa State Environmental UniversityOdesa
Odesa state academy of refrigerationOdesa
Odesa State Agrarian UniversityOdesa
Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after O.S.PopovOdesa
Zaporizhzhya National Technical UniversityZaporizhzhya
Zaporozhia State Engineering AcademyZaporizhzhya
Zaporozhia State Medical UniversityZaporizhzhya
Zaporizhzhya National UniversityZaporizhzhya
Lviv Gzhytsky Academy of Veterinary medicineLviv
Lviv State Ivan Franco UniversityLviv
National University "Lviv Polytechnics"Lviv
Lviv National Academy of ArtLviv
Uukrainian Academy of printingLviv
Uukrainian state technical university of forestryLviv
Danylo Halytsky Lviv State Medical UniversityLviv
Lviv National M.V.Lysenko Music AcademyLviv
Lviv State Agricultural universityLviv
Lviv State University of SafetyLviv
Mykolayiv State Agrarian UniversityMykolaiv
Mykolayiv Polytechnical InstituteMykolaiv
National Shipbuilding University named after admiral MakarovMykolaiv
Mykolayiv State UniversityMykolaiv
Petro Mohyla Mykolayiv State UniversityMykolaiv
East-Ukrainian National University named after V. DahlLugansk
Lugansk National Agrarian UniversityLugansk
Donbas National Technical UniversityLugansk
Lugansk State Medical UniversityLugansk
Vinnytsia State Medical University named after M.I.PirogovVinnytsya
Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and EconomicsVinnytsya
Vinnytsya state technical universityVinnytsya
Vinnytsya State Pedagogical UniversityVinnytsya
Kherson state universityKherson
Kherson State Agrarian UniversityKherson
Kherson state technical universityKherson
National Academy Environmental BuildingSimferopol
Crimean State Humanitarian UniversitySimferopol
Crimean University of Culture and TourismSimferopol
Crimean State Medical University Named after S.I.GeorgievskySimferopol
Crimean Engineering-pedagogical UniversitySimferopol
Tavrical National V.Vernadsky UniversitySimferopol
Kremenchuk M. Ostrogradskiy State Polytechnical UniversityPoltava
Poltava national technical universityPoltava
Poltava National Agrarian AcademyPoltava
Poltava State Pedagogical UniversityPoltava
Cherkasy State Bogdan Khmelnytsky UniversityCherkasy
Cherkasy State Technological UniversityCherkasy
Chernigiv State Technological UniversityChernigiv
Chernigiv State Pedagogical UniversityChernigiv
Sumy National Agrarian UniversitySumy
Sumy State UniversitySumy
Zhytomyr I.Franko State universityZhytomyr
Zhytomyr engineering technological instituteZhytomyr
Kirovograd State Technical UniversityKirovograd
Kirovograd State Pedagogical UniversityKirovograd
State Air Academy of UkraineKirovograd
State Agrarian and Engineering University in PodilyaKhmelnytsky
Khmelnytsky national universityKhmelnytsky
Cchernivtsi state Y.Fedkovytch universityChernivtsi
Bukovinian State Medical UniversityChernivtsi
Ostroh Academy National UniversityRivne
Rivne State Humanities UniversityRivne
National University of Water management and Nature resources useRivne
Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical AcademyIvano-Frankivsk
Ivano-Frankivsk State technical university of oil and gasIvano-Frankivsk
Precarpathian Vasyl Stefanyk universityIvano-Frankivsk
Ternopil State Horbachevsky Medical UniversityTernopil
Ternopil State Technical UniversityTernopil
Volyn state Lesya Ukrainka universityLutsk
Lutsk State Technical UniversityLutsk
Uzhgorod National UniversityUzhgorod

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