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Universities in Ukraine -> Universities in Lutsk

Lutsk State Technical University

Lutsk State Technical University
has highest 4 level of accreditation
Total number of students - 4698

Bachelor's degree programs of
Lutsk State Technical University

Skills training 6.010104
Economics and Enterprise
International economy 6.030503
Business economy 6.030504
labour economy 6.030505
Applied statistics 6.030506
Marketing 6.030507
Finances and credit 6.030508
Accounting and auditing 6.030509
Merchandising 6.030510
Natural Sciences
Ecology and environmental protection 6.040106
Informatics and Computer science
Computer engineering 6.050102
Automation and Control
Automatization and computer - integrated technological Processes 6.050202
Metallurgy and materials science
Engineering material science 6.050403
Mechanical engineering and Metal processing
Engineering mechanics 6.050502
Electrotechnics and Electromechanics
Electrical engineering and electrotechnology 6.050701
Metrology and Measuring Equipment
Instrument engineering 6.051003
Building and Architecture
Building 6.060101

Contact information of
Lutsk State Technical University

Lutsk State Technical University
Contact information

City Lutsk
Website Lutsk State Technical University
Address 75, Lvivska Str.
Phone   +38   (0332) 74-61-11

Lutsk State Technical University
was founded in 1991 year

Universities in Ukraine -> Universities in Lutsk


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