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Uukrainian Academy of printing

Bachelor's degree programs of
Uukrainian Academy of printing

Drawing art 6.020205
Publishing business 6.030303
Economics and Enterprise
Business economy 6.030504
Marketing 6.030507
Accounting and auditing 6.030509
Merchandising 6.030510
Automation and Control
Automatization and computer - integrated technological Processes 6.050202
Mechanical engineering and Metal processing
Engineering mechanics 6.050502
Publishing and Polygraphy
Publishing and Polygraphy 6.051501

Contact information of
Uukrainian Academy of printing

Uukrainian Academy of printing
Contact information

City Lviv
Website Uukrainian Academy of printing
Address 19, Pidgolosko Str., Lviv, 290020, Ukraine
Phone   +38   (0322) 72-08-50, 74-23-71, 74-23-71

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