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Universities in Ukraine -> Universities in Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod National University

Uzhgorod National University
has highest 4 level of accreditation

Bachelor's degree programs of
Uzhgorod National University

Physical Education and Sports
Peoples health 6.010203
Tourism 6.020107
History 6.020302
Philology 6.020303
Social and Political sciences
Political science 6.030104
International relations
International relations 6.030201
Journalism 6.030301
Jurisprudence 6.030402
Economics and Enterprise
Business economy 6.030504
Finances and credit 6.030508
Accounting and auditing 6.030509
Natural Sciences
Chemistry 6.040101
Biology 6.040102
Geography 6.040104
Ecology and environmental protection 6.040106
Physics and Mathematics
Mathematics 6.040201
Physics 6.040203
Applied physics 6.040204
System sciences and Cybernetics
Applied mathematics 6.040301
Informatics and Computer science
Computer engineering 6.050102
Mechanical engineering and Metal processing
Engineering mechanics 6.050502
Microelectronics and nanoelectronics 6.050801
Electronic devices and systems 6.050802
Metrology and Measuring Equipment
Instrument engineering 6.051003
Building and Architecture
Building 6.060101
Geodesy and Land management
Geodesy, cartography and land management 6.080101
Agriculture and Forestry
Agronomics 6.090101
Forest and park management 6.090103
Nurse 6.120101
Civil security
Labour protection 6.170202

Contact information of
Uzhgorod National University

Uzhgorod National University
Contact information

City Uzhgorod
Website Uzhgorod National University
Address 46, Pidgirna Str
Phone   +38   8 (0312) 64-30-84

Universities in Ukraine -> Universities in Uzhgorod


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